With the one year anniversary of the Royal Wedding a few days away, I thought it would be fun to create a board inspired by Great Britain. Even though I was in love with Prince William as a young teenager, have a bit of a fascination with the Royal Family, and of course have a love for weddings— I’m not a morning person. Instead of waking up at 4am EST for the start of the festivities, I copped out and watched one of the recaps on TLC later in the day! For this board, I focused on the national colors of England mixed in with some classical elements like the castle, bridal gown and earrings. If you are looking to recreate the look of last year’s Royal Wedding stick to simple and timeless choices. Also feel free to modernize your look by adding pops of red and blue like in some of the images below.

Thanks to the talented photographers and websites for allowing me to showcase their beautiful work.

Photo credits: Castle | One and Only Paris Photography, Shoes | Aaron Snow Photography, Bride and Groom | Alex Dimopoulos, Crown |  jHenderson Studios, Table Setting | Kate and Craig Williams, Bride in London | Kate and Craig Williams, Bride and Bridesmaids | Robyn Rachel Photography, Earrings | Austin Gros, Bride in Blue Jacket | Jessica Claire Photography, Pillows | Jessica Claire Photography

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